Mission HERO: An Intergalatic Journey

Mission HERO: An Intergalatic Journey

Nov 28, 2023

CREA games have a mix of traditional and technological gaming components. They are multiplayer, with an emphasis on collaboration and teamwork. Our original, high-quality custom graphics, video game strategies and active play techniques pull players into the experience, unaware they are sweating as they run, leap, laugh and spin, challenged by their mission. HERO, a series of four adrenaline pumping missions through deep space, is our first adventure. 

BURST: Players are traveling through the galaxy in their spaceship when they are suddenly thrown into a cosmic storm with deadly asteroids and comets flying at them from every direction. To protect themselves and their spaceship they must destroy all the asteroids with bean bags as fast as possible while the clock ticks down... Burst! is a fast-paced cardio-pumping game, challenging the player’s speed, agility, throwing strength, accuracy, and teamwork.

As players continue their challenging intergalactic journey, the same fast and deadly asteroids that threatened the spaceship in BURST are now zooming towards other planets in the solar system at warp speed. Players must not only protect themselves but also stop the disastrous effects the asteroids will have if they hit the planets.

Jumpatron: is designed to give players an exciting plyometric/jump training challenge. In this fast-paced game, players jump, hop, squat, and reach in all directions, working together to hit targets.

In our game Future Runner: players sprint through the mysterious and rugged terrain of Mars. They are tasked with collecting crystal samples to load into their Rover while trekking through blinding sandstorms, piles of Martian rocks and across hazardous bridges. The game is projected onto the floor and wall and players must dodge, hit, jump, and leap, working together as they are pulled into an intergalactic world in a race against time.

In the game of Vortex: players must stop the ominous Vortex from growing bigger by protecting the Supernova stars from being pulled into its threatening swirl. Black holes are some of the strangest and most fascinating mysteries outer space holds. They're extremely dense, with such a strong gravitational attraction that nothing can escape their grasp. 

This game is an agility-based floor game that challenges the players to jump in all directions, with lateral lunges, hops and plank jacks.